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Welcome! I’ve just written my first book, and I’m excited to share it with you!


What if John’s Revelation was meant for Israel?

Historically, the Jewish story unfolded as follows:

John the Apostle was summoned.
Warn the people…
Devastation was coming.

Less than forty years prior, his friend Jesus spoke of this day. The greatest transition of epoch seasons of all time was at hand.

Could the prophecies of Jesus have been true?


Judaism and Christianity would be fundamentally changed from that day forward. The Bridegroom King was coming on the clouds. The Law of Moses had been left wanting; both sides of the ledger needing fulfilment. This was covenant eschatology.

Does this mean all of Revelation has been fulfilled? Absolutely not.

This book seeks to follow the Hebrew narrative of God’s grand love story. What began in eternity past climaxes in John’s Revelation. Much of what John wrote has been fulfilled. But much has yet to take place. Distinguishing between the two is the focus of this series.

Then what about Armageddon? The end of the world? All the wrath?

We either serve a bi-polar God, or we have fundamentally misunderstood our own eschatology.

Immerse yourself in the first instalment of this three-volume commentary on the Book of Revelation. You’ll love rediscovering the prophecies of Jesus and John as they unlock the Apocalypse like never before.

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