“And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers.” Ephesians 4:11

Recreated Through Death

How does death and water immersion lead to life? Baptism is actually a connection point to God’s eternal plan to make all things new. You get to die to all you were never created to be, born anew in Christ. We prepare ourselves for betrothal to the Bridegroom King. And we become fashioned for Him like Eve! Join us as we explore the mysteries of God through immersion! Rediscover your created value in God. Your life was worth the life of Jesus’, which means you are worth more than you can imagine!


Destroying the Stronghold of Fear

Part of taking possession of the Promised Land in our lives involves overcoming strongholds of the enemy. Sharing from his personal stories, Leo explains two keys for stepping further into the promises of God in our lives:

1. We allow God to redeem seasons in our past, especially the ones we would rather forget.
2. We go after the strongholds of fear and trauma that cause us to shrink back.

There is also an invitation to prayer and ministry at the end, so if this resonates with you, you can participate as well to begin this journey of healing with God!

Embracing the Process

Psalm 105:19 says that the word of the Lord tested Joseph until it came to pass. When we find ourselves in a "Joseph" season, we need to discern that God is inviting us into a process with Him.

Leo shares from his personal journey with God during a difficult and unexpected transition in his life. Embracing the process is the best thing we can do during the times of wilderness and trial. God wants to remove from us all that we were never created to be, and to teach us to trust Him in the mystery.